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About Us

After attending art school and honing our eclectic taste, we put our passion into creating a space that both supports artists and allows more art into homes, in an affordable way. Maple Gallery is a hand-curated, female-owned, digital art gallery. We are dedicated to providing a platform for art enthusiasts to discover, appreciate, and collect Fine Art Prints by Canadian Artists. We take great pride in supporting and promoting Canadian artists, providing them with a platform to share their extraordinary work with art enthusiasts like you.



​Renee and Aly 🖤

We're dedicated to


Canadian Artists

Supporting Canadian artists is a fundamental principle for Maple Gallery. Our company values fair compensation for artists, upholding strong partnerships, and providing a platform for them to gain recognition and exposure. 


Maple Gallery offers genuine and original art prints by Canadian artists, fostering transparent and honest relationships with artists and customers. We are dedicated to upholding the integrity of artistic expression. 

Financially Accessible

Art Prints 

Maple Gallery is driven by the mission to make art accessible to art enthusiasts around the world. We believe that art cannot not be constrained, but rather be a universal language for all.

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