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Jason Alexander

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Over the past 26 years, Jason has had quite an artist career. He teamed up with three art dealers: Profile Fine Art, Foundation Fine Art, and Posters International. They carried his paintings and prints across Germany, England, the US, and Canada with gallery exhibitions and painting sales in... Maui, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Chicago, Atlanta, Manhattan, GTA, Calgary, and Edmonton. Jason won The International Artist Malta Beinali in 2001 with exhibitions in Venice and Egypt. Additionally, Jason's Art Prints were shown on the Seinfeld TV Show and the Will & Grace TV show in 1999. In 2008, Jason opened Alexander Art Materials. Jason devotes himself to the local art community teaching and has recently been teaching his five weekly classes and Zoom painting classes for the Collingwood and Wasaga Public Library. 

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Art Prints by Jason

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